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This project is made possible thanks to so many music lovers, who donated a clarinet for this project.

We wish to thank all of them!

Annie, Bart, Corné, Frie, Huib, Jo, Jos, Karin, Loek, Wouter, ...


Special thanks

to Marta Turczyk and Barbara Dutkiewicz for the support in Poland, and to Georgia Nicolaou for the support in Cyprus.


to George Koxenoglou, principal of the Kofinou Elementary School, and his team

and to Agnieska Kucha, principal of the orphanage, and her team

for the enthousiast welcoming and support for the project

to Stéphanie Wilain, for the design of our logo.

to Blazers & Blazers Ghent 🔗), for making a special price for the reeds, and donating a box full of extra reeds.

Sponsoring blazers kleur naast elkaar.jpg

to Sam Huysentruyt (Multiphonics 🔗) and Philip Sierens (I Fiati 🔗for repairing clarinets.


We also wish the expresse our gratitude to the following organisations, who fully support his project:

  • AEC - Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen. 🔗

  • “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center 🔗

  • UNHCR 🔗

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