Kick Off meeting

August 24th - 26th

Royal Conservatory of Antwerp - room 501


1. Laban introduction - Marieke Delannoy 🔗

Marieke Delannoy is a CLMA (Certified Laban Movement Analyst), Registered Dance Therapist (SRVB), and "Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator" through ISMETA. She has used the Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) in her work as a dance therapist with individuals and groups, in performance/choreographic work, movement education for actors, dance education.

She is co-founder of the E-move Institute 🔗

2. Dalcroze introduction - Barbara Dutkiewicz

3. Creative music teaching - Georgia Nicolaou

4. Kimupe introduction - Luc Nijs

5. Working with vulnerable children - Dominique Willaert


Dominique Willaert is artistic director of the Ghentian community arts center Victoria Deluxe, theatre and film maker, and trained as a psychotherapist/psychologist at Ghent University and the IPRR (Institute for Psychotherapeutic Relation and Reflection). At Vives, in collaboration with CVO MIRAS Kortrijk, he teaches the course 'How to deal with diversity'.